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TWP 200 Series

TWP 200 SeriesTWP 200 Series is a high solids, penetrating finish designed to extend the life of exterior wood such as, decks, siding, cedar shakes and shingles.

At 94%+ solids, TWP 200 Series complies with all VOC (volatile organic compounds) regulations.

TWP 200 Series Deck Stain prevents water absorption that causes warping, cracking, and splitting. 
TWP® 200 Series Deck Sealer Stops U.V. Damage - Special U.V. absorbers prevent unsightly wood graying, darkening, and fading.
TWP® 200 Series Wood Sealer is Resistant to Mold and Mildew - Not prone to darkening in color.

TWP Wood Deck Stain applies at about 100-250 feet per gallon. Actual coverage varies depending on wood porosity. 
TWP® is a registered trademark of AMTECO, Inc.

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