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Restore-A-Deck Step 1 Restore-A-Deck™ is a two part wood cleaning system developed to bring professional results to the average homeowner. The do-it-yourself ease of Restore-A-Deck™will save you time, money & frustration! The Cleaner (STEP 1) will dissolve mold & kill the spores that cause a wood’s finish to fail prematurely. Restore-A-Deck™ is Environmentally Friendly. It contains no bleach. It’s safer for your plants & flowers than using commercial cleaners that almost always contain bleach.
Restore-A-Deck Step 2 The Brightener (STEP 2) is where the magic happens. The wood will instantly brighten right before your eyes! More importantly, you are bringing your wood into pH balance. This is especially important if you are going to apply a finish or waterproofing sealer. By making the wood slightly acidic, you are mimicking Mother Nature’s natural pH balance. Wood sealers penetrate deeper protecting your investment from harsh elements like wind and sun.

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One of the most popular questions of wood deck owners is what is the Best Deck Stain available. We designed this site to offer the highest quality of deck stains available on the market today! Wood Stains and Sealers that can be used for all types of Exterior Wood, Decks, Fences, Log Homes, and Exterior Wood Homes.

Take inconsideration that there is not one brand of deck stain that is the best or better then the others. All the deck stains we carry are substantially better then what is readily available from your local stores.

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Why is it Important Have a Tint in your Deck Stain?

It is often a common belief that the reason to preserve your exterior wood deck is to "seal" the wood so that it "beads" like a car wax. This is absolutely not true!

While it is helpful to prevent water damage, the main reason to treat your wood is for UV damage. If left untreated, the Sun's ultraviolet rays will oxidize and damage the exposed layer of wood cells. When using a transparent tinted wood deck stain or sealer, the tint will act like "sunglasses" for your wood. The tint will absorb the UV and prolong the oxidation that turns the exposed wood cells gray. This is very important if you want to have your wood keep its natural color. The natural and/or synthetic oils will also replenish the wood that has dried out from the UV damage.